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Go Bananas! Art & Craft serves as an enriching art studio for children art classes and adults' recreational classes. Our art studio encourages creativity for children and adults to express themselves through traditional art, 3D doodling and many more curriculums. Students at Go Bananas! Art & craft are given the encouragement to attend a mixture of classes that are taught by our various specialised teachers. At course completion, students will be able to develop visual art skills, 3D design, colour mixing which would enhance their ideas, feelings and observation skills in daily lives. The Team has various qualifications background and integrate technology and art together.


Go Bananas! Art & Craft serves as an art studio for all teachers to teach, develop and impact lives.

With flexible, customisable space that can be easily configured, ample of art and craft supplies, miscellaneous tools for any class types and children friendly space, Go Bananas! Art & Craft presents itself as the go-to kids' art classes for various ages.

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